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In the Media

Below, you'll find links to articles, podcasts, and other projects in which I've participated, all of which are geared toward bringing the study of the Middle Ages (and art history more generally) out of the classroom and making the field more accessible and engaging for broader audiences.

Reaction to the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, April 15, 2019:

- International Center for Medieval Art Special Newsletter (here for my article specifically)


- Saint Gobain podcast: The Hidden History of Materials: Reconstructing Notre-Dame de Paris

Understanding Gothic Architecture:

The Lordship and Commune Project: A Collaboratory

I've also been featured in some articles about my research and work in tourism, including:

- Alumni spotlight on the Indiana University Medieval Studies Institute blog: Armchair Adventuring

- Remote Business Spotlight with Travel Guide Lindsey Hansen on the No Place Like Anywhere travel blog

- Medieval Freelancing 101 Webinar with the Medieval Academy of America (a talk about how I got to tour guiding as a career and the academic skills I bring to my work).

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