About me

American by birth, Parisienne by luck, I have been living in Paris for the better part of a decade. I first arrived in the city for dissertation research, and never left! 


I hold an MA in Contemporary Art and a PhD in Medieval Art History. My specialty is the architecture and sculpture of 13th-century French Gothic cathedrals, though I consider myself more a generalist with a love of all things art history. 

Now, as a certified tour guide, I get to share my passion for art history, French  history, and historic monuments with travelers like you! With nearly twenty years of teaching experience at all levelsfrom toddlers learning to swim to adults returning to the university classroomI pride myself on creating engaging and educational guided tours for all ages of travelers. 

As you take a look around this site, I hope you'll find some visits you think you'll enjoy. If not, please make a request! I'm always happy to work with you to craft a visit that perfectly suits your needs and interests.