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University Study Abroad

Chapelle Sainte Ursule Sorbonne Dietmar

An essential element of many American university study abroad programs in Paris is an introduction to art history. With a wealth of world-class museums and monuments, France is an art historian's playground and a wonderful place to learn about art, from Greco-Roman antiquity to contemporary installations and performance art.

As an experienced art historian with a background in American higher ed and an intimate knowledge of Paris and its museums, I am uniquely positioned to lead guided visits for American study abroad students. I have nearly a decade of university-level teaching experience in American-style classrooms gained through my work as an Instructor of Record at Indiana University Bloomington and maître de conférences at the American University of Paris. Combined with my French national guiding certification and understanding of the rules and regulations for museum visits, I can ensure that your study abroad trip will be educational, streamlined, and pain-free. 

Whether you're looking for a targeted half-day tour of a single monument or museum, a more in-depth day-long or multi-day tour of Paris, or a week-long or multi-week suite of visits in Paris or in France more broadly, I am happy to work with you to create a program that will suit your coursework goals and your students' interests.

Please contact me directly for all study abroad tour inquiries.

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