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"Lindsey was excellent - very knowledgeable and very friendly. I recommend her highly." 

25 May 2022

"Excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable, conscientious, of people who needed to sit at certain times., explained everything in depth, including not only the art but even the architecture regarding how the building itself was built. She also spoke to the history, and the effect of the history to the art and the building itself. Very enjoyable day with her as tour guide and seeing the Louvre museum!"

25 May 2022

"Lindsey could not have done a better job of leading us through the medieval sites of Paris. She was engaging and fun and taught us so much. We particularly loved the way that she educated us about how the nineteenth century introduced its own interpretation into the Middle Ages. She was the best guide to these sites and made everything come alive. What is especially impressive is the way that she made it all work despite the difficulty of navigating around the closed site of Notre Dame."

24 May 2022

"This lady was outstanding in every way!! It was 3 of us and she did a great deal of educating u about the churches and the island along with early Paris! I can't imagine anyone able to do a better job on the tour!"

26 April 2022

"Huge thanks again Lindsey for a most enjoyable tour around the Louvre. My daughter is still sharing her info with her brother and dad and your stories have undoubtedly made a long lasting impression!!"

15 April 2022

"Lindsey was a great guide. Very knowledgeable, relatable and interesting. We appreciated her passion for what she was teaching us as well as her sense of humor. A++."

19 February 2020

"Lindsey was very patient with my child."

7 February 2020

"I asked for a custom tour with a theme about the French Revolution that would be interesting to both my husband and our children. Lindsey did a really fantastic job incorporating this and showing us parts of the Louvre that we had not visited on previous trips."

4 February 2020

"She was amazing! I would do another tour with her the next time we are here!!"

20 January 2020

"Lindsey was amazing! Prompt with superior education/ knowledge but relatable, engaging and interesting, enjoyable and memorable! We loved our tour and would certainly recommend the service we received."

12 January 2020

"Lindsey really tailored our tour to our interests. We learned so much!"

15 October 2019

 "I’ve been living in Paris on and off for the past eight years and love learning about Paris history. I’ve done several tours but found Lindsay to be one of the best. She is an expert on Paris history and this tour far exceeded my expectations. so happy I did it!"

27 September 2019

"It was a great way to start our vacation. A nice introduction to the Left Bank, and it gave us some great suggestions about what to check-out next. Lindsey was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable."

27 September 2019

"I highly recommend Lindsey as a tour guide when it comes to the history and architecture of Paris in general and the Latin Quarter in particular. Her first-hand knowledge is incredible. She’s also very friendly, open, and personable. Très bien!"

27 September 2019

"Lindsey was great! Knowledgeable of deep history and of the modern Left Bank. We enjoyed the tour immensely."

9 September 2019

"Lindsey was wonderful & very knowledgeable. The kids were a little quiet to start after a late night but quickly opened up. They talked about what they learned the rest of the day!"

15 July 2019

"Lindsey was fabulous.... a born teacher. Her depth of knowledge and interest in departing it to us was extraordinary. I speak from experience as a former docent at the Met Museum/Cloisters in NYC."

1 July 2019

"Besides being an expert in her field, she ensured that we had an experience which is now the highlight of our trip to Paris. Her ability to teach her expertise in her subject was outstanding as she expertly unfolded the layers of history along with the visual evidence of the various types of Gothic architecture. She is truly an expert teacher which she demonstrated by her love of the subject and her obvious caring about us. Her outgoing and friendly personality made us feel at ease and comfortable right from the moment we met. She made us feel like we were her friends and we were treated with kindness and respect the entire tour. Our goal was to learn about Gothic architecture and because of Lindsey we not only fulfilled our goal but thoroughly enjoyed doing so."

6 May 2019

"Very good tour! Lindsey was an excellent guide."

2 May 2019

"Everything was great! Our guide Lindsey was very informative and gave us an in-depth tour, yet she was also warm and friendly - very open to questions."

28 December 2018

"Our group of 6 had a wonderful time on Lindsey’s tour! She is incredibly knowledgeable and it felt like she tailored the tour to our backgrounds and interests. We learned some great local tips and discovered parts of the city we never would have found on our own. Lindsey’s tour is a must for anyone wishing to get off the beaten path!"

19 October 2018

"Lindsey was amazing. Not only did she give a great tour with amazing historical information and trivia bits of information. She gave great tips on places to go and things to do. She was even so kind to wait with me online while I was waiting to go up to climb to the top of the tower. Her tour was the best tour I had on my trip!"

8 November 2018

"Lindsey gave an outstanding walking tour. She explained very well the evolution of Paris. We strongly recommend this tour on a trip to Paris . She is fluent in English and French."

8 November 2018

"Lindsey was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. It was everything we had hoped for."

8 October 2018

"Lindsey was great: knowledgeable, Personable and interesting. A fine tour guide!"

8 October 2018

"Lindsey was great! Super knowledgeable, flexible and great with our girls."

6 October 2018

"Personable and passionate about her subject. Great guide! Kept us engaged for 3 hours!"

8 September 2018

"Lindsey is excellent. My sons enjoyed so very much her careful and insightful explanations of Notre Dame's history, of the engineering of the time and the extraordinary beauty we were witnessing. Our experience of St Chappell and Conciergerie was just perfect. She has so much information and delivers it in a perfect manner. We all enjoyed the tour!"

23 August 2018

"Lindsey's tour was great. I really loved learning the hidden history of the sites, and how she showed us many sites that are not on the usual tourist route. Lindsey knows the history and is passionate aboutit."

17 August 2018

"Lindsay’s tour was really interesting and we learned a lot about the history of Notre Dame and the Left Bank. We saw many lesser-known sights that tourists seldom visit, and Lindsay has a wealth of stories to share. Her passion for Paris is obvious. We enjoyed mint tea and pastries at the Mosquée de Paris. It was a welcome end to a fascinating afternoon. We highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to know more about Paris! Lindsay is a gem :)"

16 July 2018

"Lindsey is a knowledgeable and personable guide. After a very short time we felt like a group of 4 friends touring the city. We learned so many interesting nuggets of information and had all of our questions answered. Towards the end of the official tour, she asked the 3 of us what we had planned and since we were all open she extended our time. I highly recommend Lindsey’s tour to anyone looking for a fun way to learn, in-depth, about the Left Bank."

25 June 2018

"She was great, we came away with so much content, so great for us all. Kids are talking about it days later."

22 June 2018

"Lindsey is a vibrant informed tour guide. You will enjoy her enthusiasm and the amazing amount of information she possesses on the history of Paris. I enjoyed a great afternoon with her. Thanks Lindsey!"

1 June 2018

"This was my first tour of my vacation, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time, after taking a few more I realized even more how well thought out, planned, and executed Lindsey's walk was. Coming from an historian, it had plenty of depth to interest me (though coming from an historian of a different time and place, I could easily keep up with the information). She didn't just craft a tour that took the group from place to place and told us about each stop, but created a tour narrative that drew us all in, connected big ideas, and was entertaining to boot. She also did a good job at getting the group acquainted before starting, which added to the atmosphere, and adjusted her walking pace based on need--another  important thing that other tour guides can fail at. Overall, it was a wonderful experience I thoroughly recommend."

21 May 2018

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